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2017 Season-Closed
See you all in 2018

26May2017 to 24September2017

New in 2017, Introducing 2 very different packages.

1) The Standard Serra da Estrella package.(POR)
     This is the same package that you all have become used too.
     For a fixed price you get our welcoming home and local flying.

2) Bespoke package.(POR)
     As we all know, being part of a mixed group can be complicated as there are
     different skill levels and different agendas at play.
     Thus, you may like to book our undivided attention for yourself or a small like-minded
     group of friends.

Paraglide Portugal offers great flying holidays
You want to go somewhere new and have an adventure, without months of planning and possibly getting it wrong. We can help you - with our experience and support your holiday will be unforgettable.

Whether you are comming on your own,or putting together a whole group, all are welcome here. You will be looked after in style by Arnold and Marié. It’s uncrowded here, and Portugal offers fantastic flying with unlimited potential. We have numerous flying sites in the Serra da Estrela mountains for changing wind directions. Ridge soaring, Thermaling or XC,we have it all.
Taking your first steps or looking to stretch your legs, we will help you realise your dreams.
Our conditions are often smooth and predictable with good high cloud bases.

Who are we?
“Arnold is one of the most prepared and accomplished pilots I have ever met. Marié, the best Hostess and Chef. From world record campaigns in Texas, flying the Colorado Rockies, or XC in his new home in the Serra da Estrela – he knows where to fly, how to fly it, and find the best local food and drink. I flew with Arnold and Marié and had the best vacation of my life in Vila Cortês. Five Star in every way!”                                      Patterson Stark, New Zealand


Who should come?
Basically you need to at the very least be competent in Launching and Landing. Preferably have IPPI3. 
IPPI 1/2 pilots must be part of a group accompanied by their Club/School Instructor

IPPI comes in 5 stages, with 1 being the lowest rating and 5 being the highest.
1. Ground Skimming.
2. Low Level Flight.
3. Soaring in Non-Turbulent Conditions.
4. Soaring in Turbulent Conditions.
5. Cross Country Flight.
Where are we?
In a mountain wilderness reserve in central Portugal.    See map >

What do we offer?
Everything is taken care of! From when you arrive at our lodge until you depart.

For a fixed price you get:
  • Transportation to and from flying sites, retrieve on XCs
  • Local advice on conditions,house thermals         and best routes
  • Instruction and assistance
  And all of this for free:
  • A welcoming home
  • Wireless internet
  • Private landing field
  • Meals with us 

Find out more >

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