Paraglide Portugal
The beach is always a good alternative

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Flying down from Linhares
Can't fly ... what now?
Depending on weather conditions we may decide to go hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking or paddling on the river. There are numerous interesting old castles and villages to visit as well, and great value shopping for the non-flyers. Sea-side trips too.

GoCarts and Combat Paintball as well

Picturesque old world charm at night

Typical flying day
Assuming you want to fly fly fly:
  • A leisurely breakfast at 08h00
  • Depart to Azinha at 10h00
  • XC back to Vila CortÍs
  • Snack lunch and siesta or a splash in the river
  • Depart for Linhares 15h00
  • Soaring and flying until sunset
  • Return to Vila CortÍs
  • Fireside dinner plus drinks, videos etc.

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