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Arnold surveys another great flying day

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Because you may want to fly without using our service,
here are some Site Specific cautionary details.
Regardless of where in the World you are flying, the following Rules apply(or should) :
1)Speak to a local pilot and find out about the site specific issues,
   a)Wind direction and strength, when and where to fly and NOT to fly
   b)No fly areas due to laws or hazzards
   c)Prime time and thermic activity
   d)Safe landings and related issues
2)Research Notams, for us see:
   Notam Info
Note. We are located in an Airforce training zone. The Airspace is open to us, provided that there is no specific advisory noted for that time . Cavok is updated daily at 06h00
Below are some specific warnings relating to our 3 principal flying sites

The main concerns with Linhares relate to the Landing. In the afternoon, during the summer, the wind can become quite strong
due to the seabreeze. Downwind of the landing is a small valley heading up to Asanhas. Be carefull of the venturi. Quite a few slower gliders have ended up stuck up that valley.Do not stray too far downwind.
Upwind of the landing, the ground rises and there is a house. Combined with thermic activity this creates some turbulence over the landing and a shear. A good aircraft approach , long straight glide with good speed, is recommended.

Azinha faces due south and is a Strong thermic site. On a good summers day, it is not uncommon for takeoff to be too strong to launch within half an hour of the first good cycles. The valley wind can be quite strong and this is the main concern. Getting to the landing on a lower performance glider can be challenging. Do not stray too far to the right of takeoff. To the left of takeoff a bowl draws back into the mountain, be carefull of this trap too, in stronger conditions.  The landing is big but very thermic. Active flying with good speed is a must . Be aware of the two sets of power lines crossing the valley between takeoff and landing.

Vale de Amoreira
Vale de Amoreira sits in the valley and uses the valley wind. Be carefull of too much N in the NE wind as this makes the landing very turbulent. If the forcast is for a NW wind, Vale de Amoreira may work in the morning, but again , be carefull of the switch. If flying when it switches, get high and get out of the mountains.

2017 Accident Reports
We had two serious incidents this year. Both involved local resident pilots .I will discuss both. Hopefully we can learn and not repeat.

Ian - June - Azinha
Ian,aged 70,flying a Nova Mentor 4, is a competent local pilot who has been living and flying here for the past 9 years.
Flying at Azinha, he followed me into the bowl, to the left of takeoff. This put him further away frow the landing, and on the lower performing glider, he could not penetrate to make it out. He was forced to land in a very tight spot in the village.Stalled and dropped in from 3m up. Some cracked vertebrae but happily flying again.

Beware of the Valley Wind

Roy - August - Linhares
Roy,aged 48,flying a Gradient Golden, a long time competent pilot, had recently restarted flying after taking a year off due to a motorcycle accident. He had been flying with us for about two months , cautiously gaining confidence. Approaching the landing, at about 50mAGL he hit a thermal. The glider stalled and he held the stall till impact. Broken pelvis and 3 weeks in hospital.

Annalysing his tracklog, the trim speed on the glider seems way slow. Cautious pilot and old glider could be the culprit.

Beware of turbulence close to the ground. Trim check and dont be too heavy handed.

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