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Arnold surveys another great flying day

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Our season
The best flying is in high summer, from June to September. We do still have great flying outside of this period, in April-May (spring) and September-October (autumn) but the weather is more unpredictable.

Bring your spouse, kids or up to thirteen of your best flying buddies. You will be looked after in style by Arnold and Mariť. It’s uncrowded here, and Portugal offers fantastic flying with unlimited potential. We have numerous flying sites in the Serra da Estrela mountains for changing wind directions. Ridge soaring, Thermaling or XC,we have it all.
Taking your first steps or looking to stretch your legs, we will help you realise your dreams.
Our conditions are often smooth and predictable with good high cloud bases.

Linhares is positioned on top of a gentle mountain ridge that faces north-west and thus works best in the afternoons. The lodge is a short glide out from the launch site.End a perfect day by flying home, cold beers waiting.It is an incredibly dependable dynamic soaring site.It is possible to fly for hours on end - the site record over 6 hours. Even the evening thermals in summer can take you to over 1000m above takeoff. There are multiple launch sites and safe landing options available. The road up is tarred to the top of the mountain and passes through a historic little mountain village complete with narrow cobbled streets.

Flying at Linhares

On the south-eastern side of our mountains, and thus orientated perfectly for morning flights. It's an alpine site with a narrow valley with technical but very rewarding flying. You'll have big climb-outs in stronger thermals as the day progresses allowing for all types of flying. If you'd prefer an easy flight, it pays to go early to Azinha to avoid the stronger thermals, or to fly from the lower Vale de Amoreira.

Hunting for thermals after flying out from Azinha

Vale de Amoreira
Recently enlarged and upgraded to host competitions this site caters for various wind
directions.North through East to South. It is sheltered down in the valley with easy
Top to Bottom flying. Working your way back along the main ridge,
through some very dependable House Thermals, gets you high above the mountains,
with inviting Flatlands out in front.

Climbing away from Vale de Amoreia

Other sites
Depending on the weather we may venture further afield. Other sites that we use include
Fundao, Castelo de Vide , Larouco , Praia de Polvoeiro , Pedro Bernardo , Piedrahita .....

Where is our home?
In the Serra da Estrela mountain wilderness reserve, close to the village of Vila CortÍs da Serra.

Our GPS coordinates:
40į32'56.20"N   07į31'19.04"W

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Where do we fly?
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