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Paragliding over Vila Cortes

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Stand Up Portugal Come Paddleboarding with us on the Silver Coast.

Clube Vertical Paragliding Club of the Serra da Estrela's.
Call Miguel for retrieves(Speaks English). Victor's weather forcasts are excellent
There is a song that drifts on the breeze through all the world. Its rhythyms are echoed in our breath, the music is caught in our laughter, hidden in our language, woven through our life. Singers reach for the melody, but it is too delicate to hold and too elusive to remember. As the Ages pass, so ...

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BHPA: British Hanggliding and Paragliding Association
SAHPA: South African Hanggliding and Paragliding Association
HPAC: Canada Hanggliding and Paragliding Association
USHPA: United States Hanggliding and Paragliding Association
DHV: German Hanggliding and Paragliding Association

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We're happy to place a reciprocal link on our site provided you are related to our business. Place the following link in a toplevel page on your site: <a href=""> Paraglide Portugal </a> for a great flying holiday in the mountains of central Portugal.

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